Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 1582 - Conversation with Emma & Andrew

Every evening after their bath, the kids select two short YouTube videos to watch while they munch on a little fruit.  Sometimes the kids are very decisive about their choices, occasionally they don't know what to pick, and in this instance, they are critical of each other's choices.

"Andrew," asked Lisa. "What do you want to watch on YouTube?"

"I want to see Spider-Man," answered Andrew.  He has taken a slight interest in comic book heroes since kids at preschool talk about it, so we have introduced him to the theme songs of those old super hero cartoons.

But Emma did not like Andrew's choice.  "That's a yucky pick," she whined.

Andrew did not like Emma's comment.  "Know what?  You're a yucky pick, Emma!" retorted Andrew.

And in next week's episode, Daddy tries to teach Andrew how to say a comeback line that actually makes sense.

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