Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 1569 - Conversations with Andrew

Lisa presented the kids their burned dinner of blackened chicken, blackened vegetables, and blackened rice; Lisa prefers to call it her Cajun cooking.  Andrew is a good eater, but very specific and particular about his food.

"I want furikake on my rice," said Andrew.

For those of you who don't know what furikake is, it is a Japanese condiment that you sprinkle on top of your rice.  Usually it is a mixture of salt, chopped seaweed, and sesame seeds.  But Americans know it more by the name of that salty, seaweedy, seedy thingy you get at Yoshinoya.

"How do you ask for it?" asked Lisa.

"Pleeeeeeeeeze?" wheezed Andrew.

"Thank you," replied Lisa.

Lisa went to grab the bottle of furikake and was about to sprinkle the salty MSG goodness over the rice when Andrew stopped her.

"Stop!" yelled Andrew.  "I want to do it!"

"No," said Lisa.  "Mommy's going to do it."

"Why?" Andrew wanted an answer.

"Because when you do it, you pour too much out and it gets all over the place.  THAT'S why!" explained Lisa.

I guess that answer was good enough for Andrew, although he did say in response, "I guess somebody's grouchy today..."

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