Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 1577 - Temple of Doom

There are a few situations where Andrew and Emma get along really well.  They help each other out when we punish them by tying them on top of their bed as a gigantic scythe swings dangerously close to their scalps.  They make breakfast for each other on Sunday mornings because Lisa and I are still hungover from a crazy night of cracking and whoring.  And they really like playing with building blocks together.

One day, Andrew and Emma were playing with these building blocks called Trio.  They are basically a pretty cool combination of Tinker Toys and Legos.  Together they built a pretty tall structure and began to decorate it with some of Emma's jewelry and dolls.  It looked something like this:

Look at how proud Emma looks at her creation, and look at how buzzed Andrew looks as he sips the last drop of his mint julep.  The kids continued to play with their tower of fun, and as they laughed and giggled about the adventure they were creating, I relaxed on the sofa as I laughed and giggled through my latest pile of periodicals:  Rice Cooker Digest, Chess Today, and Overhead Projector Collectibles.

When the kids finished playing with their blocks and continued to their next thing, I got up from the sofa to clean up their mess.  But before I took down their blocks, I noticed seemed a bit amiss about what they were doing because there was some very dark and disturbing imagery going on.

Is it me or does it look like the kids reenacted the old man hanging himself at the end of Shawshank Redemption with Cinderella and Belle?  And what's up with the upside down Lego girl watching the proceedings?  Is she with TMZ or The Enquirer?

And as if all of that wasn't bad enough, when you look at the entire scene it's even a little more morbid.

Look at that Pit of Death underneath the Disney Princesses.  I think the kids offed some livestock, Mickey Mouse, and one of the girls from "The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants."  

Also what the hell is Big Bird doing there?  I asked Emma about Big Bird and she said, "Oh!  Big Bird is our Amon Goeth and he is killing all of our toys."  Ask a stupid question...

I know the kids had no idea how violent and surreal their diorama of death looked like, but this begs two questions.  First of all, what did the kids think about what they were doing?  Was it just an innocent game of trying to balance their toys in the loops of beaded jewelry?  I know they weren't trying to hurt the dolls because Andrew and Emma still get anxious and neurotic over cartoon characters getting injured.  I can only assume it was some sort of benign game.

And secondly, how f*&@ed up is my imagination?  I really got to find a new therapist... 

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