Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 1159 - Conversations with Andrew

Between all of the hitting and pushing and gunfire, I try to teach the kids to be caring and compassionate to each other. It is a special and unique experience for them (and us) to grow and develop as individuals with an eternal playmate and friend. And sometimes it just all goes to hell and it's no holds barred.

While Emma was playing with her dolls, she bent down to pick something up and hit her face on the coffee table. I grabbed an ice pack, and tried to comfort her while she shrieked toddler profanities into my ears.

Andrew came up to me and said, "What happened to Emma?"

I explained, "Emma got an ouchy on her face."

"How?" inquired Andrew.

"Emma bent down to pick up a toy and hit her face on the table. And look," I said pointing to her cheek. "She's getting a little bruise over there."

"Wow!" said Andrew with amazement.

"You know what would make her feel better?" I asked Andrew.


"You should give Emma a hug to help make her ouchy go away," I told him.

Andrew looked at Emma's tears and said, "Nah. That's okay."

He then proceeded to take Emma's dolls and run them over with his cars.

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