Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 1153 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week, I asked what we should do about nighttime demands from the kids. Forty-four percent of you gave us an answer that prompted us to go and purchase a nice plot out at Forest Lawn: we have fifteen more years of this, so get used to it. Right behind, thirty-three percent told us not to give in to any demands.

The nights have not been getting any easier, but they haven't been getting worse. We thought we solved our problem when we made sure the kids had and did everything they usually ask for at nighttime: a little lip balm ("My lips are chapped!"), a tissue on their nightstand ("Just in case I cry."), and one last stop at the potty ("I got to go make water, Miss Daisy!"). It worked for a few days, but after that, random demands stirred up again.

What we decided to do is to make sure they are comfortable and to reassure them that we will check on them later -- if there's nothing to watch on television. And when they do cry, we let them cry for a few minutes before we check on them. After a few checks, we turn down the monitor, toss a couple of pillows over our heads, and hope for the best.

...we need to buy more pillows...


I read an article in the newspaper that said the number one requested holiday gift from kids between six and ten is the ipad. I find this outrageous on two counts: 1) Who would buy their kid who can't even count to 500 a $500 gift? 2) A more appropriate age spread should be between six and married Japanese men with twins in their late thirties.

When I was that age, I remember playing with blocks, Star Wars toys, and an occasional Ellen/Portia-like rendezvous with my sister's Barbie dolls. Maybe I'm becoming old fashioned, but I find it ridiculous to give your child a $500 gift when that $500 gift should really be your $500 gift (hint: Lisa, I'd like an ipad.).

What do you think? Do you think giving your young child a $500 gift is a good thing to do?

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