Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 1148 - Compassionate Lisa

Since I have been at stay-at-home dad for the past 3 1/2 months, I have learned a very valuable tool: how to tune the kids out. This is especially true during nap time because the kids will yell every excuse in the book to get our attention. The only words I don't ignore from them are: blood and intruder.

Recently when we put the kids to bed, Emma started screaming, "Come check on me!" She kept on saying it over and over again, so I turned the volume down on the monitor and continued to watch television. On the other hand, Lisa wanted to go upstairs to check on her. I told her to stay put and let Emma cry it out for a little bit.

Although the monitor was low, you could still hear the piercing demands and requests from our little baby girl. When "Come check on me" did not work, she started to scream, "I need a tissue!" This certainly makes sense since after crying for 5 minutes, you would need a tissue to wipe your face.

Once again, Lisa wanted to go upstairs, but I told her to wait.

When the tissue ploy did not work, Emma went to Plan C which was "Oh no! My sock came off!" I don't know how her sock magically came off by itself and how it was such a surprise to her, but it did. Now we were hearing a constant round of "Check on me!", "I need a tissue!", and "Oh no! My sock came off!"

Lisa couldn't stand it anymore and headed upstairs to check on Emma. At this point, I increased the volume on the baby monitor so I could hear what was happening.

After trying to calm Emma down, Emma had a new request since she had captured Lisa in the bedroom: Lie on the couch! We have a little loveseat in their bedroom, and Emma wanted Lisa to lie down on it.

Lisa asked Emma, "Why do you want me to lie on the couch for?"

Emma wrapped her arms around Lisa, gave her a big hug, and said, "Because I love you, Mommy!"

WHAT A MANIPULATOR! Seriously, I better watch out for this one when she's in high school. So of course, Lisa melted and went on the couch.

After a little while, Emma started to cry again. So wrapped-around-Emma's-little-finger Lisa went back to Emma's bed and said, "What's wrong, Little Emma?"

And guess what Emma said? "Get out..."

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