Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 1006 - Conversations with Emma

The great thing about being a father to toddlers is that you can ask your kids loaded questions like "Do you love me?", "Did you miss me?", "Isn't Mommy's jeans a little too tight?", and you can get the answer that you want back. Unfortunately with my kids, more often than not I do not get the response that I want.

I was about to put Emma into bed when I asked her, "Who do you think is the best daddy in the world?"

Emma playfully smiled and said, "Andrew?"

"No," I said. "Andrew's your brother."

"How about...Mommy?"

I again said, "No. Mommy's not your daddy."

"How about...Emma?"

"No. You're Emma!" I grew impatient.

"So," I continued. "Who is the best daddy?"

"I dunno," said Emma.

Pathetically, I asked Emma, "How about me? Am I the best daddy?"

"No," answered Emma a little too fast for my fragile ego.

"If I'm not the best daddy, who is the best daddy?"

Emma looked into the air and said with a shrug, "It's a mystery!"

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