Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 1005 - Poll Results & New Poll

Long, long, ago in a blog posting far, far away...I asked if there was a way to teach our kids to use their cups properly without spitting, drooling, and dripping. Sixty-three percent of you believed that we should just let them be toddlers, and one day they will learn how to use a cup. Twenty-seven percent thought the opposite and believed that we should discipline the kids when they play with their cups.

Weeks have past since this poll, and the kids are still using their cups as a mixture of water hydration device and oral drool enhancer. Lisa and I have taken a compromised stand on the water cup problem. We only give the cup to them at the end of their meal, and if they play with their water too much, then we take it away from them. I don't think there's too much harm with them blowing the occasional water bubbles, but I will draw the line at the dinner table if they start to make water bubbles from their cups with their butts.


As I mentioned before, we are in the process of closing escrow on a townhouse. Between work, moving, and my weekend job as Mulan at Disney California Adventure, it has been a rather exhausting few months. I don't see any true relief in sight until September when I plan to have unpacked the last moving box. And to be clear about the unpacking, when I say September, I mean September 2012.

I hate moving. I hate it so much, if I was given the choice of moving or cannibalism, all I have to say is, "Pass the ketchup." But with the kids, I can't imagine how much worse it will be. We're going to hire movers and a handyman to do some fixes around the new place, but beyond that, I think the actual move and unpacking is going to be extremely tiring and frustrating. It's hard enough opening up a small Amazon box around the kids without them crowding me and fighting over the bubble wrap and masking tape.

Is it possible there is something worse than moving to a new house with 2 1/2 year old twins? What do you think?

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