Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day 30 - One Month Old!!!

Today is the one month birthday for Andrew and Emma. It felt like yesterday when they were but a figment of my inner loins. The past month has been a blur of family, friends, crying, feedings, and countless diapers (and one soiled tub). It is quite surprising how different they look after just four weeks. Here is a picture of them from week one:

And here is a picture of them from the end of last week:

Even more surprising is how much Lisa and I have aged. Look at this picture of us from this morning:

You can tell it's early morning because Lisa doesn't have her teeth in yet.

We decided since they are now a month old we would take a short trip out to the mall. We packed up the diaper bag and hauled everyone to the Westfield Mall in Sherman Oaks. Thankfully the kids were asleep the entire time we were out shopping, and I only fell asleep once behind the wheel.

I noticed there are two groups of people who approach you when you have twins: old people and young couples with babies. Old people tend to say encouraging things like "Good for you" or "It's such a blessing." Young couples with one baby tend to question our sanity by saying things like "Twins? What the hell are you thinking?" or "Do you ever misplace one on purpose?"

I have also realized how stupid people can be when they approach you to start a conversation about the twins.

"Are those babies yours?"

No. They're leftover Chinese baby girls I picked up in a dumpster behind Panda Express.

"You have two babies?'

Yes. And do you have two asses because you're fat.

One older man approached me at Starbucks and generically asked "Are they twins?" I told him yes. He gazed at Andrew and Emma. He smiled at Andrew and told me "he looks like an angel." I waited for a compliment for Emma, but he walked away with his latte. Poor Emma. I should've covered up her 666 on her forehead before we went out.

Overall, it has been a tiring month, but not as bad as we thought. I'm sure having our parents living with us helps out quite a bit. Hopefully in the next day or two I'll share some...err..interesting anecdotes about having Grandma Ichinaga and Grandma & Grandpa Ichikawa around 24/7. I'm also working on a little post about Andrew's circumcision and breast feeding. And I really hope I'll have another funny feces story this week. Cross your fingers!

And now enjoy a few photos...

Andrew auditions for the all-Asian cast of "Damn Yankees" (not to be mistaken for the Broadway musical, but actually a one-act play about a bunch of angry Japanese in an internment camp.)

Emma's head being dragged away by Snuggles, the teddy bear fabric softener hawker and kidnapper.

Thankfully the stranger who took this picture for us threw the memory card at me before running off with my camera.

Our big and heavy stroller falls sideways as it creates a sink hole in the sidewalk.

Scott shows Andrew what he does at work from 3-4pm.

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Anonymous said...

Happy One Month Birthday Emma and Andrew!!!! They are so cute!!! Emma looks like you Lisa and Andrew is a lil Scottie..BTW Lisa you look great!!!!
XOXO - Paula and Madi
PS let's plan a playdate