Monday, October 8, 2007

Day 17 - Dancing With The Ichikawas

Yesterday, Lisa's mom and sister flew back to Santa Clara while my parents flew down from Sacramento. Luckily (or not), our parents are taking turns staying with us every few weeks as long as we need their help.

As my mom does every Monday night, she watches Dancing with the Stars and adds color commentary in her ever present Japanese accent.

"She no turn good."

"He have no rhythm."

"She dress like prostitute!"

I was bottle feeding Andrew as Lisa and my mom were watching the program. Wayne Newton came on and tried to dance a tango. Due to my extensive musical theater background, I believe I have the authority to say that he is not a very good dancer. But don't take my word for it, listen to this conversation between Lisa and my mom:

Lisa: Wow. I don't understand why Carrie Ann is so nice to Wayne Newton. He just doesn't look comfortable on the dance floor. He's so stiff and is alway off the beat. Look at him stand there and not know what to do next. You can tell that he's thinking what he has to do next. What do you think, Mom?

Mom: He sucky.

Take a look at the next few photos of Andrew as he was watching Wayne Newton dance:

"I can't believe this train wreck."

"Vote him off of there!"

"His incompetent dancing made me poop my pants!"

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