Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 1054 - Poll Results & New Poll

Last week...err...last month, I asked if we should give up on naps now that the kids are sleeping in beds and getting out all of the time. Sixty-seven percent of ye with little faith believed we should bid a fond farewell to naps. But forty-two percent of you are believers and think after a few weeks the kids will get back on their nap schedule.

Now that a full month has passed, I can tell you that it has been hit and miss with the kids' nap time. But the past month has also been unusual because we were in the midst of moving, and for the past week and a half we have been up in Northern California.

Strangely, the kids have been napping better while on vacation versus at home. Could it be that the kids enjoy the comfort of being surround by loved ones? Or could it be that the kids would rather be in their beds than out in the living room surrounded by uneasy family tension?

Although I know the kids are nearing the age at which they will no longer need naps, Lisa and I still believe they need a little afternoon rest. There is such a drastic change in their evening behavior when they take a nap versus not taking a nap. Even if their afternoon nap is just them talking and laughing for an hour, I'll gladly take that instead of them fighting over toys and attention for an hour.


As I mentioned the other day in my Crazy Grandma entry, she is insistent that we teach Andrew how to pee standing up. I don't know why she thinks he will never know how to pee like a guy if we initially teach him how to pee sitting down. Personally, I think I could use Crazy Grandma's logic and tell her we fear that once Andrew learns how to pee standing up, he will think he needs to poop standing up too...which I will honestly admit to doing a few times in a drunken stupor. And by drunken stupor, I mean prison. And by prison, I mean Lisa's shoes.

Once we return to Los Angeles and settle back into our new house, the plan is to refocus on potty training. So do I continue to train Andrew to pee in his potty chair or do I regroup and teach him how to pee standing up? And if you agree with the latter, the next question I would ask is how large of a moat should be dig around the toilets?

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