Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 1247 - Conversations with Emma

Emma's sleeping has become a problem again.  Several times a night, she will run into our room at full speed, drop to the floor, and start crying.  This continuing lack of sleep has caused me to to drop to the floor and cry at an extremely lethargic and pitiful speed.

Before tucking Emma into bed, I wanted to see if there was anything to do to stop this behavior.

"Emma," I asked.  "Did you know you ran into our room last night four times and started crying?"

"Yah," she whispered.

"Do you know why you are crying?"

"Yah," she answered.  "I'm dreaming about sharks."

"You need to stop dreaming about sharks," I pleaded.  "Sharks might look a little scary, but they won't hurt you."

"But Daddy!" Emma shouted.

"No buts," I said.  "You need to stay in your bed and sleep at night."

"Daddy!" Emma sat up in bed for extra emphasis.  "Don't you understand?  I have no choice.!"

And this year's Tony Award for Dramatic and Over-Emphasized Hamminess goes to...Emma Ichikawa!

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