Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 1245 - Shhh!!!!

Andrew is having a difficult time napping at school.  I imagined he would have a problem because at home he becomes very stubborn and temperamental when it is time to nap.    He will cry, he will scream, and I think he even shouted "ATTICA" several times.

Andrew's difficulty isn't so much the sleeping as much as the calming down.  Almost every day he falls asleep during nap time.  But almost every day he also screams "DADDY" for the first 10-20 minutes of nap time.  Great for my needy ego, but unfortunate for the teachers.

I think the teachers have tried every trick in the book to try and calm Andrew down.  They have tried talking to him, patting his back, patting his head, and letting him play quietly with a toy or book.  I suggested that I could slip a few ounces of whiskey into his Jell-o cup, but that idea was shot down.

Today was another typical nap at school.  Nine kids in the class were silently lying down, and one child was yelling for his Daddy (...ego being fed again...).  A teacher went to Andrew and explained to him that his Daddy was at work, and nobody else in class was crying for their Daddy because it was time to take a nap.  I can only assume how Andrew responded, so I will guess he gave the teacher the evil eye, spit in her face, and continued to cry for me.

But then a hero was born.  Someone was able to knock a little sense into Andrew and make him stop crying.  Who was this savior of sleep?  This brave person was...Emma!

I was told Emma got so irritated by Andrew's crying that she got off her sleeping mat, stood over Andrew, and said, "Andrew!  I am trying to sleep!  You need to stop crying now!"

And guess what?  It worked!  Andrew quieted down and fell asleep.  So for those of you who have kids who won't take a nap, please feel free to tweet or email me for the use of Emma at the low, low price of an ipad 2 (preferably white with 32 gigs and 3g).

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