Friday, June 15, 2007

Week 22 -- Acute Angles and Obtuse Ankles

Lisa goes to the doctor's office. Before she steps on the scale, she takes off her sandals. As the nurse adjusts the scale's weights, she glances at Lisa's feet and shrieks, "Wow! Your ankles are huuuuuuge!"

You can see Lisa's progression of ankle size by my quick little sketch. Currently, her nickname around the house is Babar. And my nickname around the house is Don't-Be-An-A-Hole.

So yes...Lisa is getting bigger. All over the school yard she's hearing parents say things like, "Look how big you are!" or "Your tummy is so large!" or "Where's my child? Good lord...where did my child go?" Thankfully, Lisa's last day of work will be next Wednesday. After which she will be in the comfort of her home hearing her husband say things like "Look how big you are, Babar" or "Your tummy is so large, Babar!"

This past Sunday, Lisa's student's parent threw her a baby shower. It was very exciting because this was our first shower. Lisa received many great gifts, but I didn't have the heart to tell her that none of the clothes will fit her. At least Lisa will be able to use the diapers (Who knew they knew?!?).

Another big event this week is that Lisa started to feel the babies kick. She even put my hand on her belly, and I felt the baby kick too. This was a big deal for me because Lisa hasn't allowed me to touch her for the past five months after she found out I impregnated her with twins. I've been very lonely.


Anonymous said...

I guess we now know who has the sense of humor in your relationship. It's no wonder you never bring Scott around the work crew Lisa! I look forward to more updates. I'm finding out more here than I do from you Lisa..what gives? I mean I know you l love to hate me...but secretly love!

mynameisanne said...


Shannon said...

Scott - this is the funniest thing I have ever read!....and I work in comedy tv! I was totally crying with laughter :)
I am so excited for you! Keep on blogging! It is so fun!
Shannon Dixon

Esme's Mom said...

More, more, more. The blog I read (reed) after Rosie.
Keep those feet elevated! (Yours, Lisa, not Scott's.)

JoJO A. said...

just stumbled on your blog and oh wow.. people seem to be very honest these days, especially to pregnant woman. A bit more and the nurse would have called her Babar herself. (I'm sure she loves the nickname). Haha I'm so coming back.