Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Week 21 -- FutureSex

Ordinarily, I would never say what I'm about to say, but just take a look at our kid's penis and vagina!

I suppose it's kinda hard to figure out where the vagina is (Hell, it took me three years of marriage for me.), but if you look at the picture at the top the image on the far left is basically the girl's butt. The two little white spots in the center are the feet. And in between all of that there is a little white cursor dot that indicates where the vagina is located (Why didn't I have that cursor on my honeymoon...).

The picture at the bottom is a little more abstract cause the angle is weird. But right in the center of the picture with the helpful little white cursor dot is the penis and the balls. Either that or a duck is throwing up a Mentos.

So yes, we are having a boy and a girl. After 21 weeks, we were finally given the word that the baby whose sex we were not sure about was a girl. I suppose some of the excitement is taken away, but we figure with twins we need to be as organized as possible. Oh by the way, for those of you who don't want to know the sex of our kids please do not read this paragraph. Wait. You did. Too bad for you. Life's not fair, get over it.

Besides finding out the sexes of the twins, this ultrasound was pretty detailed. Our appointments usually take around 5-10 minutes, but this time the doctor took his time examining every nook and cranny of the babies; it took about 30 minutes. He said everything was "structurally" there (i.e. heart, brain, leg/arm bones, intestines, bladder, spleen, etc). Size and weight-wise the kids are doing great. The doctor also said our daughter will be bad at math, and our son will have a fear of clowns.

As for weight gain, the doctor said the average 35-45 pounds should be attained by the time the kids come out. There are a lot of naps throughout the day, and feet are starting to swell. Finally, there is of course that great glow. But enough about me. Lisa is doing fine too.


tigermilk said...

i wonder if the girl will look like a hobo, and if the boy will possess a natural ability to soft shoe.

kevin said...

I looked up the title of this post, and was very disappointed to NOT see a Justin Timberlake song or video. I then looked up at the title of the page, and there are no pictures showing what is on the menu!! What kind of appetizers are these???

maureen said...

How exciting... you're having a girl and a duck. Congrats! I've booked you all to appear on Dr. Phil in early December.