Monday, September 10, 2012

FLASHBACK Day 1642 - Go Ahead, Jump! Jump!!!

Although having fraternal twins makes it easier for Andrew and Emma to develop their own identity, the kids are very good at making sure everything is the same.  The kids want everything to be like FOX news:  fair and balanced, yet mixed with the occasional hypocrisy and lying.

Folded into this eye for fairness is competitive behavior.  Lisa and I try to make a conscience effort to praise Andrew's and Emma's individual achievements without implying that the other one, well, sucks.  But how much sugar coating do you really want or need to do when one kid is obviously not as good at something as the other kid?  I don't go around telling the kids, "Wow!  Andrew, you do a super job at peeing standing up.  But Emma, look at that mess you made.  That's just plain awful."

So as I continue to struggle with praise and encouragement with the kids, I bring you this short video that shows you Andrew's solution with this problem:  cheating.

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