Monday, September 10, 2012

Day It's-Going-to-Take-Awhile-to-Count: He's Alive

As four months have passed without a single update, I assume many of you who occasionally check to see if there has been a new entry have come to a few assumed conclusions:  1)  I have ended the blog.  2)  Something in my life has caused me to put the blog on hold.  3)  I became a tragic casualty of the zombie apocalypse, and this blog was automatically posted after my unfortunate transformation to warn you of the impending violence and chaos.

Although my appearance has become quite haggard, I have not become a zombie nor is the blog ending.  The past four months has just been a combination of too much work and not enough free time.  There was a one month period in which I suddenly started to get migraine headaches, and it ended with me having flu-like symptoms for a week.  Immediately after that, there was a one month period in which Lisa and the kids played the world's smallest violin out of pity for me.

So there you have it.   The blog is not dead, I'm not dead, and I'm not a zombie (Although did I mention my haggard appearance?).  In the upcoming days and weeks, I'll recap some highlights over the past few months such as someone losing their first tooth, our first vacation in a hotel, the chaos of purchasing a new car, and how I averted a zombie apocalypse.

Stay tuned!

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