Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 1633 - Under a Spell

How does Pixar do it?  How do they get millions of boys infatuated with their Cars merchandising?  Do they put something in the die-cast paint like car crack or car-caine?  Have they embedded their plush dolls with speakers and at night John Lasseter whispers things like "If you ever stop loving Lightning McQueen, then Chick Hicks will give your parents cancer"?  Regardless, Andrew is still a Cars loving freak.

But one good thing did come out of it:  he learned to spell.  Or at least he found the need to spell.  You see, Andrew began to ask me how to spell words like "Cars 2" or "Mater" or "Ed Catmull President of Pixar Animation Studios".  Why?  Because Andrew would find my iPad, select the YouTube icon, and then search for videos about Cars.

So far, Andrew has learned to spell a handful of words.  He can spell his name, Cars, Cars 2, mommy, daddy, Emma, and a pretty decent list of words that are similar to Mater such as water, later, and antimaterialism. 

Here are a few pictures of Andrew showing off his adeptness with spelling.

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