Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 1626 - Conversations with Emma & Andrew

As evidenced occasionally by this blog, I have a sarcastic and teasing sense of humor.  I guess it is not a gigantic surprise that Emma and Andrew have this type of humor too.  But more goofy than sarcastic, and more innocent than teasing.  But Andrew often has the ability to say something in jest that stops the conversation.

The family was in the car talking about the different holidays we celebrate through the year.

"Daddy, when is it Easter again?" asked Emma.

"It won't be for another year," I answered.

"That a long time!" added Andrew.

"How about Christmas?  How long is that?" inquired Emma.

"Well, Christmas won't come until the end of this year, and then we'll have to wait a whole other year for it to return.  Most holidays and celebrations are just once a year," I was able to explain with my vast knowledge of weeks, months, and years.

Emma whined, "Why do we have to wait so long for Christmas?"

"Santa needs an entire year to get ready for Christmas.  If we had too many Christmases, then Santa wouldn't have enough time to prepare all the gifts and nobody would get presents," I explained.

"Why wouldn't we get presents?" exclaimed a shocked and outraged Emma.

"I know!  I know!" shouted Andrew.

"Okay, Andrew.  Why wouldn't Santa be able to deliver all of the presents?" I asked.

"Because he died!" stated Andrew.

And with that news, Emma gouged her eyes out with a crazy straw.  Happy holidays!

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