Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 1626 - Egg-ception to the Rule

Out of the four Easters we have spent with the kids, this year was the best.  Not only did I win a prize for stuffing the most marshmallow Peeps in my mouth (54), but the kids were actually excited to search for eggs left by the Easter Bunny.  What symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ more than finding jelly beans and stickers inside plastic eggs?

Before the festivities could begin, we had to do a few errands in the morning.  While Lisa was strapping the kids in their car seats, I quickly hid two dozen plastic eggs all around the house.  I even left the Easter baskets and a note from the Easter Bunny at the bottom of the stairs.  I couldn't wait to return from Costco to see the surprise on Emma's and Andrew's face, and to figure out where to store 36 rolls of toilet paper and 16 cans of tuna.

But as often is the case with kids, your plans never quite work out.  When we return home from errands, the kids can't wait to rush upstairs and play with their toys.  But this time, they just screwed around downstairs while their precious plastic eggs awaited to be discovered.  I don't have the full five minutes of them dawdling, but here is a video that shows how their goofing around tested our patience.

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